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  • God provides we deliver
  • Daragang Magayon

Brief History

Since its birth on October 01, 1981, each step was an agony. Each breath was a gape. Each move was a struggle. Its difficulties were mostly attributed to scanty resources including facilities and manpower, aggravated by phenomenal maladies and year-bound disasters i.e. typhoons, floods and worse, volcanic eruptions. Susceptibility to these calamities was high since its sources then were all at the foot of the volcano. Floods and typhoons wash out transmission mains within the area while volcanic debris (during eruptions) bury further these same lines causing complete water supply interruption.

And these were but challenges to DAWD. These served as grease to its wheels and sure kept it going. These have made the stone rolling that even though it gathered no moss it gained certain polish.

In the long run, DAWD has made its posts firm and vibrant. From the Presidential Decree 198 which is its source of authority and power to form and maintain a water district, DAWD has become one stable corporation that is self-reliant and continuously thriving.

By virtue of a resolution enacted by the Sangguniang Bayan, Daraga Water District came into existence towards the goals called for by the PD 198. It was until the District was granted a Conditional Certificate of Conformance (CCC) with No. 172, that existing facilities of the now defunct Albay Provincial Waterworks were turned over.

Operation Overview

Daraga, in the province of Albay has 54 barangays. DAWD presently serves 23 barangays coming from the municipal poblacion to the nearby barangays accessible to prevalent transmission mains. The total number of connections as of January 31, 2015 is 9,363. Most of the areas served at present receive a constant 24-hour water supply.

Water is sourced from the four wells and two springs in Budiao, wells in Lovendino, Bucan, and a spring in Quitapong, that supply the northwest segment of the service area. A spring in Bitoy, Tagas, Daraga, supplies the north urban segment, while the wells in Anislag, Labanda and Bascaran supply the south segment.

Distribution is via a network which comprises approximately 47 kilometers of pipeworks, ranging from 25mm to 200mm in diameter. The network also includes a 1,450 cubic meter capacity reinforced concrete tank at Busay. Pipe materials vary and include cast iron, galvanized iron, HDPE, and uPVC.

The water from each source receives hypo chlorination. Random samples are also taken at regular intervals from the sources and selected points within the distribution system. These samples are submitted for bacteriological analysis to detect the presence of bacteria and/or coliforms or if the same is safe for drinking. However, it is not only the potability of water that the district takes full heed of, but also its sustainability.

If only to pursue its goal of providing dependable supply, DAWD embarked at a Joint Venture Agreement with Primewater Infrastructure Corporation for a Bulk Water Supply System. Its operation is expected on the second quarter of 2015, to augment the supply in the north urban service area.

In 2017, DAWD entered into a Contractual Joint Venture Agreement (CJVA) with PrimeWater Infrastructure Corporation (PrimeWater) for the Financing, Development, Rehabilitation, Expansion, Improvement, Operation and Maintenance of the Water Supply System of Daraga, which commenced on March 16, 2017. Considering that DAWD is no longer on the operations of the water supply service, its major function now is focused on the monitoring of the same in accordance with the provisions of the JVA. Thus, DAWD no longer handles frontline services but rather handles internal services for its private partner, the PrimeWater.

Given the task of monitoring how the JV partner carries out the contracted responsibility of public service providing basic necessity, DAWD hereby commits its organization to the same Vision, Mission and Performance Pledge, in all means its functions can reach.

Our Vision

We envision to provide 100% water supply requirements to all the people of Daraga.

Our Mission

As an independent and self-sustaining public entity, it aims to promote, manage, and regulate a water supply system operating within its territorial boundaries, according to its capability and competence, and in harmony with nature, by providing the members of the community with the proper distribution and allocation of potable water supply.

Our Goals

The Daraga Water District is committed to:
         1. Provide its concessionaires with dependable and affordable potable water supply daily;
         2. Promote full customersí satisfaction;
         3. Uphold and preserve a high standard of public service;
         4. Maintain and sustain financial viability.

Our Objectives

                  1. To set up major plan for the development and implementation of its programs through:
                  2. The adoption of effective and systematic organizational operational mechanisms;
                  3. The introduction and application of latest technologies and;
                  4. The use of scientific and other innovative approaches

         B. FINANCIAL
                  1. To attain the goals notwithstanding the limited resources available by prioritizing its immediate needs                        without adversely affecting the financial viability and standing in meeting different monetary and other
                       pecuniary obligations.

                  1. To sustain and maintain a high standard of service.
                  2. To accomplish the programs to the fullest with less cost at stake, but having due regard to time,
                      the methods of their accomplishments, and quality of service and personnelís performance.
                  3. To attain the level of expectancy not only of the consuming public, but as well of other government
                      agencies, and as other water district would expect.

         D. SOCIAL
                  1. To create and promote employment opportunities as a means to improve the quality of life
                      of the people.
                  2. To attain the trust and confidence of the concessionaires and of the general public as well in order
                      to be a model institution of the government in the field of public service.

Our Office

Propitiously situated in Sta. Maria Street, Barangay San Roque, on a hilltop, the three-storey building stands beside the Daraga Church, overlooking a part of Legazpi City and the municipality itself. The edifice was built in a lot granted through a Usufruct Agreement with the Local Government of Daraga in 1994. The building consists the customer service centers, collection, and accounting section, a stockroom and the administrative office.

Our Organization

The office comprises four divisions, namely, Administrative & General Services, Finance & Commercial, Production & Water Quality, and Engineering & Construction Divisions. The Administrative and General Services Division, focuses on human resources management, property management, procurement and general services. Finance & Commercial Division is centralized on disbursement, accounting and budgeting, collection, customer accounts and everything about customer services. Whereas, the Engineering & Construction Division handles the planning and design, construction and maintenance. The Production & Water Quality Division takes charge of the distribution and water quality monitoring and management. While the Board of Directors, consisting five members plays as the policy-making body.