• God provides we deliver
  • God provides we deliver
  • Daragang Magayon

Statement of the General Manager

      The fundamental goal of this agency is to provide a 100% water supply requirement to all the people of Daraga. An ambitious feat some would say. But this gears us up all the more. As the urbanization, industrialization and economic development of the Municipality of Daraga continuously progress, alongside the rapid boost in the population, DAWD has set its best foot forward. Plans and programs have been laid out to keep pace with such growth, adhering to its mission and set of goals, with emphases on maintaining harmony with nature and upholding higher standard of public service. Even with these bold undertakings, economic and social responsiveness will always be revered. Finally, the fulfillment of all these aspiration will be a hand-in-hand effort. It is in this note that we enjoin the Darageņos to realize these with us.

                                                                                                    ANNIE MARIE N. JAUCIAN
                                                                                                          General Manager